Becoming a client

We take a personalised approach and will discuss with the individual their own needs and what they would like to gain from attending the Princes Centre.

Step One

Anyone can refer someone to come to the centre, carer, family member, GP, health worker, neighbour or friend.

You simply need to ring and talk to one of our senior team.

Step Two

Initially we invite all potential clients and referrers to come and visit the centre for a cup of tea and a look round, this will give you an idea of what we do.

Once you have been for a look around, you can organise a free taster day, to see how you get on. If you enjoy the experience, then we can plan for you to attend and become a client.

Step Three

Naturally, before someone joins the centre, we need to ensure that we offer individual support for them to enjoy their day. Therefore, we need some information on that individual. We request that our paperwork is completed prior to someone starting with us. Also if someone receives support to fund the place, we need to have funding in place before the support starts.

Once everything is in place, just select a day and we reserve a place on that day each week. Our days are Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00

Additional Support

Transport: We can provide transport for some clients. However, we are committed to ‘routes on certain days’ so we need to plan our transport and there is a charge for this, which we try and keep as low as possible. We also provide an escort on our minibus transport, to ensure the safety of our older clients.

Lunch: A home cooked lunch can be provided at a cost of £6.00 per day, or alternatively people can bring in a packed lunch.

Review: We constantly review the care of our clients and there may be times where our service is unable to meet the needs any further, but we will call a review or discuss issues with carers or professionals.


As a charity we attempt to keep our costs as low as possible and are more cost effective than any private care/PA organisation, based on hourly cost. For our centre to continue, we need to operate a designated place system, which simply means if you accepted every Tuesday to attend, you will still be charged if you do not attend, as we will not offer this place to someone else. Current daily cost can be discussed at the initial contact time.

For more information give us a call.
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