The Princes Centre is supported by a team of 9 unpaid trustees, 14 staff a host of volunteers from prominent local businesses and retailers.

Volunteers are our inspiration…

The enthusiastic work of our volunteers is invaluable to the day to day management and support of the Princes Centre. They provide the inspiration and energy to lead us to continually strive to improve the service to our clients.

The Princes Centre Trustees:

All of whom kindly donate their time and experience to support The Princes Centre.
Helen Lockwood

Matthew Walsh

Helen Lockwood

Alan Turner

Helen Lockwood

Peter J Cline

Helen Lockwood

Reverend David Williams

Helen Lockwood

Trudi Scrivener

Helen Lockwood

Philip Masterton-Smith

Helen Lockwood

Maggie Wooster Keyte

Helen Lockwood

Richard Stevenson

Get involved

If you would like to support us by becoming a volunteer, please get in touch with us!
For more information give us a call.
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