About us

Our highly trained staff are dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients.

What we do

The Centre caters for three separate groups of clients:
  • Elderly people who might be isolated, lonely or whose carers might need a break;
  • Adults with mild or moderate learning disabilities, and;
  • Those with mental health difficulties.

Our mission

We aim to provide the best personal day care service with the utmost respect for our clients, employees, and those in the communities that we serve. Our primary goal is to maintain and enhance the quality of life and well-being of others, enhancing their potential to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

Our vision is to become the most trusted day care provider in Buckinghamshire. We aim to excel at high-quality care delivery and support, backed up by professional management. We make important investments in our brand, in our operations and in our employees who deserve to be recognised for their unrivalled service and dedication.

Introducing our award-winning Team

The Princes Centre has 14 full time equivalent staff and over 20 volunteers. The staff team is highly qualified and highly motivated with over 150 years of experience between them!

Introducing our award-winning Manager

Kim Challinor is a senior professional in the social care sector. Kim has over 30 years of experience and is a qualified assessor of social care and holds a diploma in Business Management. Her commitment and dedication within the day Centre have helped The Princes Centre win the top award in ‘Care with Dignity’ from Bucks CC and achieve Finalist status in the Bucks Business Awards in the last 2 years.

“Kim has effected vast improvements to the building, gardens and general environment at the centre and has built firm links with both the local community and various key support associations and organisations. She always puts the clients first and proactively seeks feedback in order to continually improve the facilities and services available at the Princes Centre“

-Trustee Alan Turner

"Any manager is only as good as the team that surrounds them and fortunately I have a wonderful and highly qualified team who show great dedication and boundless enthusiasm"

-Kim Challinor

How we do it

A non-profit organisation

The Princes Centre is a social enterprise established, funded and run by the community in Princes Risborough and the surrounding area. This means that we do not make any profit, but plough any surplus back into the improvement of the facilities we offer.
We are registered as a charitable company and are regulated by the Charity Commission and Companies House. Our constitution and accounts are filed with these bodies, as are the names of our Trustees.

Our organisation

The legal liability for the Princes Centre rests with the Trustees, who are responsible for ensuring that the company meets its declared object of relieving the needs of the elderly and people with physical difficulties, learning difficulties or mental health issues by the provision of day care facilities. The Trustees meet every month to review the company’s performance, as well as monitoring the budget, cash flow and progress on enhancing the facilities on offer, including the main buildings itself. An Annual General Meeting, at which we welcome attendance from the wider community, is held yearly.

As well as our Trustees, the Centre has 14 full time equivalent staff and over 20 volunteers. The staff team is highly qualified and highly motivated with over 150 years of experience between them as well as receiving accredited training.

Our standards

The following key factors have been put in place to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible standards of care for our clients:
Personal care & needs assessment for each client
Specially trained staff to help with personal care
Accreditation by Bucks County Council
Subscribing to national H&S standards
Training and development for staff and volunteers
Working together with families and carers
Continually raising funds to maintain an affordable service
For more information give us a call.
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